Welcome to the personal and professional site of Timothy Masters.  This site is under construction, so remember, patience is a virtue.  Watch this page long enough, and you will become a very virtuous person.

Big News!  My book "Statistically Sound Indicators for Financial Market Prediction" was just awarded Book of the Year by The Technical Analyst in their annual competition!

Also interesting... My latest book involves computer-generated art.  Please click the link to the left: Computer Art for more information.

My Background

I have a PhD in statistics, a little house in the country, a crazy quantity of dogs and chickens, and a sweet, gorgeous wife.  What more could a guy want?  Besides a spiffy website, of course.

My dissertation was in image analysis.  My career moved me in the direction of signal processing, and for the last 25 years I've been involved in the development of automated trading systems in various financial markets.

Purposes of this site

1) Showcase my books, in case anyone wants to buy them
2) Share information on technology that I find interesting at the moment
3) Build an interest in technology that I think is unjustifiably ignored


You know the drill, but I have to say it anyway.  The advice, algorithms, and source code that you will find on this site are for education and entertainment only.  Contents may be buggy, or even downright incorrect.  I do my best, but I'm not perfect.  Use everything at your own risk.  I disclaim all responsibility for losses you may incur if you are crazy enough to use anything from this site in an application whose failure can cause loss.  You've been warned.

Contact Information

You can reach me at Tim [at] TimothyMasters [dot] info.  This is not my primary email address, so I check it only occasionally.  I am now retired (Yay !!!), so I cannot accept consulting work, paid or unpaid.  That said, I am interested in what you have to say about this site, my work, or the topics I raise here.  If I feel I have something worthy to say in response, I will reply.