Trading System Synthesis and Boosting

Some years ago, David Aronson authored a ground-breaking book for the benefit of those brave souls attempting to develop systems for trading financial markets.  Evidence-Based Technical Analysis (John Wiley and Sons, 2006) demonstrated the importance of using rigorous statistical techniques to analyze proposed trading systems before deploying them to trade real money.

Subsequent to this publication, he and I worked together to create a program called TSSB to implement state-of-the-art algorithms that enable the developer of automated trading systems to test their systems before they are put to use.  Many developers believe that a basic walkforward test is sufficient to vet the performance of their proposed system.  Unfortunately, this is far from true.  It is easy to find a system that provides enticing walkforward performance but that goes on to fail miserably in actual trading.

There is insufficient space here to discuss all of the capabilities of TSSB.  However, it must be emphasized that this program, as well as its manual, are free.   A 500+ page printed tutorial is available from Amazon.  This tutorial begins with simple, basic operations, and progresses to advanced topics that are far beyond those available in any other system-development software.  Anyone developing automated market-trading systems would be well advised to make TSSB an integral part of the development process.  More information about the program is available here:  TSSBsoftware.com